Saturday, May 9, 2015

Craft and woodworking

Those devoted to fine woodworking have a rigorous code of craftsmanship, eschewing screws and nails in favor of joinery (and white glue).  One such millwork purist is my friend Tom Eilerson, who typically only builds furniture and cabinetry of his own design, usually for himself or friends, featuring various species of woods and immaculate detailing. So I was thrilled when offered to construct the media unit I designed for our Washburn home. Fabricated of solid maple with anodized aluminum supports, the unit will sit between the Dining and Living areas and will contain the stereo equipment with the TV sitting above. The piece presented a number of technical challenges, particularly the pleated screen, that he accomplished with virtually no mechanical fasteners. The main cabinet edges are beautifully dovetailed and the door faces carry the grain consistently across the unit. Although the clear lacquer finish is yet to be applied the exquisite quality of the work is obvious.