Friday, June 13, 2014

Arrival sequence

I receive many positive comments about the sculpture that hangs in our entry. It's a piece that I fell in love with upon seeing it for the first time at William Campbell Contemporary Art in Fort Worth. The owners, Bill and Pam Campbell, are great friends and luckily for me (if not them) it remained "in inventory" until I was able to acquire it for my previous office space, where it hung in the conference room. When we recently moved I designed the entry with the piece in mind.

The artist is Tom Hollenback; many of his sculptures use acrylic and steel or wood elements to interact with light. This one is mercurochrome and green acrylic mounted to a frame of standard galvanized metal studs, and thanks to lighting by Jill Klores, it creates beautiful halos and shadows. I especially like the effect when viewing the edges, which glow brightly.

You can follow this link to hear him speak about his work:

Or stop by to see it for yourself...